Intrigued Experience

A couple weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending Intrigued Experience, a hands-on floral workshop organized by the amazing Maryland-based Intrigue Designs. I have wanted to attend an intensive, several-day workshop like this for years and I made it one of my New Year’s resolutions LAST year to make it happen — and I couldn’t be more pleased that this Toledo florist was finally able to do it.

Francoise Weeks creating a woodland design. All workshop photos by Tracey Hart. Model photos by Manda Weaver.

Like in any job, it’s important for event designers/florists to stay informed on trends and learn new techniques. Intrigued featured several industry leaders like Ponderosa and Thyme (known for huge, beautiful boho bouquets), Francoise Weeks (known for her European-influenced creations and woodland designs) and Soil and Stem (who taught a very helpful arbor installation).

Katie of Ponderosa & Thyme

Bouquet I created in Katie’s workshop and arch created in Nicole of Soil & Stem’s workshop

The workshop sessions covered a variety of topics. Mt. Lebanon Floral hosted an awesome one on floral costuming where attendees got to make their own floral sashes. (I am definitely looking forward to making floral costumes and/or jewelry this year for style shoots!) Beth O’Reilly of Mayesh gave a wonderful talk and also did a session on tropical design (which will look much softer in 2017). Check out this amazing moon arch she created for her talk! I loved hearing the mechanics and techniques behind that beauty (any couples out there want to try one?).

One of the best parts of Intrigued was being surrounded by other “flower friends” from across the United States, Canada and Mexico. It was inspiring to talk to other designers and hear the different ways we all do the same job — helping our couples have beautiful wedding days and events.

If you are a floral designer looking for a workshop, be sure to consider Intrigued! There’s another session this summer.



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