Wedding Designer 101

What’s A Wedding Designer? 

You’re engaged — yay! You have a to-do list a mile long, and you’re wondering how to make this unforgettable day perfect. One item that should be high on that list is discovering and booking your vendors. Your vendor team will make your wedding come to life. Many couples know the importance of hiring a wedding coordinator or planner. However, they may not know the importance of a wedding designer. (What is that you may ask? Don’t worry — we’ll explain everything!) 

So, what exactly can a wedding designer do for you?

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You want to bring your Pinterest boards to life, but are not sure how…

Most couples have a wedding-day vision, from the floral arrangements, to the cake to the centerpieces. These visions are easy to identify with the help of Pinterest, but sometimes, they’re not the easiest to accomplish. With these Pinterest boards comes the challenge of losing the couples true self.

If you were to copy each and every picture as it is, is that truly ‘your’ special day or is it someone else’s? Designers plan a huge role in taking this vision and creating something new for you. One of the first questions we ask our clients at La Boutique Nostalgie is “Do you have a Pinterest?” Looking at it helps us get a taste of our clients’ preferences and style. From there, we can take your pins and put a unique spin on them or create new ideas to make your wedding day one-of-a-kind.


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You are looking for something truly unique…

If you are hoping to find inventive and memorable ways to showcase you and your partner’s personality into your special day, you are in need of a designer! You want your wedding to be about you and your significant other, but you also still want the guest to feel like they are attending a wedding, not just another kind of celebration. A designer can showcase your personality through flowers, centerpieces, and smaller touches where they fit best.


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Your venue is a blank canvas…

Locations such as backyards, giant ballrooms or beaches offer a very wide-open space. The need to fill this space could be very overwhelming for any bride or groom. Having a designer to add draping, artwork or vintage decor can help spice up and fill those spaces to add to your overall vision. Designers consider everything from ceilings to floors to chairs to table cloths.


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Every Wedding Designer is a little different

Some wedding designers like La Boutique Nostalgie already have an inventory of decor items to execute designs, whereas others help couples source decor through other vendors. Additionally, some designers are also planners or florists (like La Boutique Nostalgie) and some aren’t. Make sure to ask your designer what is provided as everyone is a bit different, and everyone has their own style, too. Looking at a designer’s portfolio of photos will help see if your styles mesh. Regardless of your needs, there is a wedding designer in the Toledo area to fit your tastes and style!


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–By Michaela Welden


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